Useful tips for taking photos with phones

Whenever we come across a beautiful landscape, we feel like capturing the landscape forever. Photography is something that helps us do that. A camera helps capture the moment so that we can cherish the moment later. However, a proper high-resolution camera might be quite heavy to carry around, especially on relaxing trips. This does not mean we cannot capture the moment. A mobile phone serves the purpose quite well, especially if it is meant to take pictures. However, you must know how to take photos well with the help of mobile phones. Some Tips for taking photos with phones [เทคนิค การ ถ่าย ภาพ วิว ด้วย มือ ถือ, which is the term in Thai] are discussed below.

Using gridlines to frame your shot

Most photo cameras have the option of switching on “gridlines” or a series of three lines both horizontal and vertical. This allows you to apply the rule of thirds to your photos which is a photographic concept of dividing a frame into threes along each axis giving you nine individual parts in total. Once you switch the gridlines on, make sure to place the focus of your photograph either along the lines or at the intersection of the lines. This will ensure your photographs remain level, and balanced, and viewers are able to interact with them more naturally.

Setting the focus of the camera

Phone cameras have come a long way to include several new features. One of the most effective features is the autofocus or the ability of the phone camera to pick up the object of focus automatically. However, for more challenging shots where there is no clear subject visible, you must set the focus manually. On a phone, the process is quite simple. All you have to do is tap the screen at the location where you want the focus to be set. This works well for both static as well as objects in motion.

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